Our story

It’s hard to tell you when and where it all started. Karmic forces, serendipity and a shared enthusiasm for good health, positivity and wellbeing brought together a lively bunch of adventurers to start what we refer to as the Liift Movement.

Our Story is not however about our past, we want it to be about our (yours and ours) shared and mutual future.

Imagination, some say is perhaps the art of being able to see the invisible. Imagination drives us to create more than a company that simply brings innovative CBD products to the shelf. We aspire to be a one off, a new style of wellness company that lives it’s values and spreads wellness through its actions and products. We feel different, we feel like we’re greater than the sum of our parts and that’s our journey, growing into the expansive universe that is wellbeing. Please join us on our travels.

Why CBD?

We believe in the life enriching qualities of CBD.

Cannabidiol (CBD for short) is a popular natural compound and remedy found in the Cannabis plant which is becoming a firm favourite for many people with interest in it’s properties. It has been shown to have many positive health benefits, without causing any psychoactive effects.

You can learn lots about CBD by downloading our guide ‘CBD Responsiibly’ Click here to get your free copy.

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CBD Responsiibly

Want to know a little more about CBD? The Bright Spark Department at Liift have compiled and created an easy to read and understand guide to CBD. We hope it will answer some of your questions and inspire you to join the Liift family.

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    A little about our team

    We’re a diverse and impassioned group of individuals, bonded by our common cause of making the Liift brand and it’s impact on wellbeing one that will benefit everyone who becomes a part of our family. Many of us have indeed had direct experience of the benefits of CBD within our own lives and the lives of our families. We are huge fans!

    Responsible for our business practices are people that you would expect to see: People with great skills in management, finance, product design, sales & marketing and operations. In addition to these key skill areas, we have Life Coaches, PHD’s, Fitness and Wellness Coaches and are amassing an extended team of wellness and wellbeing professionals and ambassadors to keep our minds and ideas fresh, our hearts pure and our wellness movement expanding in positive directions.

    Taking responsibility and sustainability seriously

    If we sound collaborative, its because we are. If we sound philosophical, it’s because we are. If we sound nurturing, caring, positive, upbeat and that we’re genuinely trying to make a difference, guess what, it’s because we are. At least WE like to think so!

    None of what we do matters, if it’s not for a greater good. We take care of the people and world around us by taking the time to look at the little things too, after all those little things can make a huge difference in the long run.

    Even before the Lockdown, we have been huge advocates of virtual meetings to save on travel time and pollution, walking meetings are a mainstay in our week to develop healthy practices for body and mind. We sponsor wellbeing events and will be leading the way for wellness in a multitude of ways as we grow.

    Sustainability is another driver for our business. We continue to practice eco-ethics and wherever and whenever we can, we deliver the most ecologically friendly way to give you the Liift experience. From the use of glass bottles for our drinks and recycled cardboard for our packaging, to using water based inks and digital marketing over traditional media, we are ensuring that any footprint we leave is only one of positivity.

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