We’re just at the beginning

Our intentions are driving us to help create a conscious movement in wellness. As we reach out to you through mutual learning opportunities and events, we really want you to engage with us through social media and any direct contact we are able to enjoy in the future.

Yes, we have created the new refreshing Liift CBD Water and we have even more exciting CBD and healthy lifestyle products currently in development. This is however, still only one part of the aspects that can make up a life lived in a state of wellness and wellbeing.

Inspiring wellness

It is our express wish to work with our wellness, health and fitness ambassadors to provide you with ideas, events and reasons to live healthier and with a greater sense of wellbeing.

In these unprecedented times, wellness and health has become a key focus for so many people. An opportunity to take time to recover and re-establish goals and personal boundaries. A conscious movement has already begun, we want to help. It’s more than simply physical; our mental wellbeing, physical wellness and sense of self are entwined in balancing the amazing gift we all call life. Let’s do this!

A holistic vision

Everyone has a perspective of what constitutes their ‘wellness state’. Be it hitting the gym on a split routine 6 days a week, sun salutations before a day in the office, a moment of stillness in the sunshine or the connectivity of time with friends and family. You know when you feel it, as you know when you don’t.

So we invite you to join us, as we venture, learn and grow together in wellness, health and wellbeing. Please follow us on social platforms, let us Liift your inbox with our updates and articles by adding yourself to our mailing list and if you like what we’re doing, give a shout out!

Don't just take our word for it

Love Liift

I absolutely love Liift, it’s my go to revitalising/pick me up drink. Refreshing flavour to start the day, beautiful reward after exercise, it fits all scenarios. I would recommend this to anyone!

Chris R. – Verified customer

Unique Experience

It’s light, refreshing, brilliant range of flavours and gives an extra boost that’s better than coffee! I look forward to Liift o’clock every day!

Sara M – Verified customer

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