How to avoid the “Sunday Scaries”

Do you find yourself spending your Sundays feeling anxious and on edge about the week ahead? You always know work is going to be busy, but you still want to make it to the gym, see your friends, shop for that special present and go for that meal with your parents that they’ve been pestering you about for weeks. Sometimes it all feels a bit too much, doesn’t it?

For those of us working from home, Sunday night anxiety hasn’t seemed as bad during lockdown… but that doesn’t mean that Sunday night dread isn’t still real.

Sunday night anxiety, or the “Sunday Scaries”, is a form on anticipatory anxiety, that 88% of us experience, a US study has reported. This is defined as a type of anxiety that leaves you with an overwhelming feeling of dread about something that is due to happen.

With many of us experiencing increased stress and anxiety levels at the moment, here are a few things that you can do to help keep you chilled and feeling positive after your Sunday roast…

Make the most of your evening

Even though it’s starting to get darker a little earlier as we head into Autumn, don’t let that stop you from making the most of your Sunday evening. Make a plan, there are lots of things that you can do indoors to help you relax. So get the bath running, pick out a bath bomb, choose a good book and set the ‘relaxing music’ playlist to shuffle. Theme a Sunday evening about your favourite feelgood film, prepare some nibbles, maybe even dress up and settle in for a home cinema night. There is an increase in popularity for Sunday evening wellbeing classes. Have a search for a Yin Yoga, Gong Therapy or Meditation class to float yourself into a restful sleep on a Sunday night… zzzzzzzzz……

Plan, plan then plan some more

Making sure you leave work on a Friday knowing what your plan is for the week ahead can also help to reduce those Sunday night blues. Pick your top two priorities for Monday and only focus on those when you get in on Monday morning. This will help you to stop worrying about the week ahead because you already know what your plan is! The same goes for your personal life – try to take some time to plan your own time to make sure you can tick off your everyday list and still have that much-needed down time.

Take time to properly recharge

Try not to cram too much into your weekend. If you feel like you haven’t had the rest you need during the weekend, maybe consider how you can adjust your weekend schedule next week so that you feel rested and ready for the week ahead. Take some time away from Social Media and be as present as you can with friends and loved ones. Find the reasons and the time to laugh, plan adventures and talk to each other. Really connect!

So, grab your favourite bottle of Liift, take some deep breaths, plan, laugh and kiss the “Sunday Scaries” goodbye!